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"A partnership for a high quality Romanian medical environment"

BUILDING HEALTH BUCHAREST INTERNATIONAL FORUM is a unique project of interprofessional communication on a topic of utmost interest, which brings together two of the most important professions, physicians and architects, for the first time in Romania, within a unique event, that aims to become a platform for communication, direct meetings, networking and continuous dialogue for a high quality medical environment in Romania.

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The Purpose

The project promotes professional values and models, the role of the two professions in building a healthy society, interprofessional dialogue, professional leadership and best practices, having as the main aim the development of a partnership for a high quality medical environment, with a major impact on the quality of life of patients and physicians alike.


The Target

We tried to target mostly the needs of architects and doctors, which are involved in this unique project, and used a clean and breezy design. This means we searched for a user friendly concept, and created a simpler way so the clients won`t have any problems in reaching the page they are looking for.

We are proud to work with these enthusiast guys, that seem to know exactly what they want to do and what they want to offer: quality and uniqueness.

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About us

We are a graphic design and web development office located in Iasi, Romania. Our goal is to put into effect our clients view with the freshest ideas and the finest work of our team. Do you want to find out more or just challenge us? Feel free to call us or to send an email.


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