IasiAfla ( branding - web design - web development )

Tehnology: Adobe Creative Suite - HTML - CSS - JavaScript - PHP

A big project, branding, web-design and web-dev, started from nothing. It`s about everything that moves in a town, from brands to events. A place where everybody has access to advertise their brand or idea, or everything. That`s why it was hard. It is about everything.

We found a good way to show the images, you can enlarge them or you can watch them like they are, you can rate or leave a comment to a brand, you can find adresses, you can make reservations, you can send a message to anybody. In fact, this site is a big data base, that reunites the day to day necesities with special ocasion events. You gotta` see it, really.

iasiafla iasiafla

We developed a nice and friendly user design, very clear and specific for all the clients. Used the blue colour, to inspire safetyness and cozyness. Everything is breezy, you won`t feel tired after spending some time using it.

iasiafla iasiafla

About us

We are a graphic design and web development office located in Iasi, Romania. Our goal is to put into effect our clients view with the freshest ideas and the finest work of our team. Do you want to find out more or just challenge us? Feel free to call us or to send an email.


  • E-mail: contact@360designoffice.com

  • Phone: +40 748 226 444