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The National College Mihai Eminescu Iasi intends to preserve it`s identity starting from the traditional values, putting into effect the potential of the human and material resources, consolidating the high school as institution and giving the same chances to the pupils for the integration in the supperior learning domanin, capable of quick adapting in a society continously changing.

mihaieminescu mihaieminescu

We are happy to present our first offset project, the 150th years anniversary gala, that took place in Iasi, at The National Theatre. We tried to put into effect the clear and ellegant image of the College, usaiang it`s old identity on folders, business cards and so on. We tried to create two short brochures that contains the history of the College and also some words about the old school, presented by the older generations.

mihaieminescu mihaieminescu mihaieminescu

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